5 Tips For How To Overcome Depression

Recently I overcame my depression using some simple but effective ways. After Some Research & Experiment I developed a Technique called “The DiSCAL” Technique. How to overcome depression? if you have this same question in your mind. let me share this technique with all of you. It works for me and I believe it’ll work for you too.

But first of all, checkout,

5 Tips For How To Overcome Depression

What Is Depression?

Many of us misunderstand what depression actually is. Sometimes we feel sad, extremely left out, have mood swings or feel vulnerable, and we all think that we are suffering from depression but if we look carefully these feelings usually last for 2-3 days. That’s not depression. The reason for these feelings may be an event in your life or you might be tired.  

Now let’s find out What Depression Means,​ Depression is a common medical illness that negatively affects your feelings, your thought process and your actions for a longer period of time. Fortunately, it can be treated naturally or by medication. 

What Are The Sign And Symptoms Of Depression? 

Depression causes sadness and you lose interest in the activities which you once enjoyed. For E.g. Photography was my passion but during the depression stage, I quit photography, stayed at home and Spent my weekends doing nothing. Many of us never realize that we are suffering from depression. Have a look on few symptoms-

Feeling sad and often left out.

Change in appetite, frequent weight loss or gain irrespective of the diet plan. 


Fatigue or loss of energy. 

Negative thoughts, Suicidal thoughts 

Unable to make a decision, think or concentrate on work. 

Being a shiftless person or Feelings of uselessness.


If the above symptoms are lasting for months then you are definitely suffering from depression

How To Overcome Depression Naturally?

You should try to include the following tips in your routine life. Make them part of your life It will definitely help you to get through the dark phase of depression. So let us understand what “The DiSCAL” technique is and how it works. This Technique contains 5 Effective tips to overcome depression. Let’s check out those tips

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Tip# 1: – Distract from negativity.

To get distracted from the negativity you must detach yourself from things that generate negative thoughts or negative energy. For example, The People who always criticize you create a lot of negative energy (Avoid them). But sometimes it can be very challenging to avoid negativity. The best way to deal with it is to make use of positive affirmations which boost our morale.

Like And many more. I have been using these affirmations daily for the past 1 year. Positive affirmation has played a major role in getting me out of depression

Tip: – The best way to deal with negativity is to FOCUS On POSITIVITY. Start looking for something positive in every situation. For E.g. If your weekend is ruined by bad weather then take it as an opportunity to finish your pending work at home.

Check out the positive affirmation that reprogramed my life,

Tip# 2: – Spend more time with family and friends.

Depression causes people to isolate themselves which worsens the condition. Friends and family play an important role in breaking this barrier. People who spend time with their family and engage themselves in family activities develop a positive sense of self-worth. They feel more positive about themselves. 

To make the most of family time you don’t need a fancy vacation just a simple dinner or a one day trip will also do. After all, being together and supporting each other is what matters the most. Share your feelings with them (Trust me It Helps a lot

spend more time with family to reduce depression

If you don’t have a family or friends you can adopt a pet, make new friends, meet new people, or reconnect with your old pals.

Tip: – Prepare a list of 50-100 people known to you. They can be your relatives, neighbors, friends, family, colleagues or acquaintance. Now contact any 3 people from that list. Call them, chat via Skype or pay them a surprise visit. You can talk to them, Go out with them or help them in their activities. For the next day choose other 3 names and repeat the process (It might feel odd for a few weeks but you will start enjoying as you foster a real connection with people)

Tip# 3: – Create your own happy hour.

Happy hour means Doing whatever you enjoy the most. I know you might not be interested in doing any of the activities right now, but pick anything and just do it, such as listening to music, watching comedy movies, hitting the gym, or reading a book, anything which helps you to relax

            An hour full of fun and positivity makes us feel lighthearted. I will suggest you to make a schedule for it. For E.g. On Mondays I will hit the gym, On Tuesdays try a new restaurant, On Wednesdays, play Video Games…..and So on. Breaking old links and creating new links help you to overcome Depression.​ (Here linking refers to a connection with bad habits, people or maybe even thoughts.)

Tip: – Develop a new hobby. A Hobby should be simple and interesting for you.

Tip# 4: – Adopt healthy habits.

Habits determine how successful & peaceful life you have. The healthy habits are like magic tricks that vanish your depression. The 4 Basic habits which I prefer are

  • Exercise 
  • Eat healthily 
  • Sleep enough
  • Set goals and achieve them
eat healthy food.

Regular Exercise helps our brain to rewrite the whole thought process in a positive way. It also boosts our confidence. There is no need to lift heavyweights in the gym, doing 15 min walk, Yoga or home work out is fine but do it every day (Feel the adrenaline rush)

​It’s scientifically proven that a good diet improves your overall mood, keeps you energetic and away from diseases. I will advise you to take a balanced diet.

Lack of sleep is an effect of depression and overthinking. Sleep is necessary to recharge your mind and body. In order to get some sleep, you should calm yourself, play some soft instrumental music or soothing music in the background and focus on positive thoughts or Repeat positive affirmations. 

exercise regularly to overcome depression.

The Key Factor of Depression is inactivity. Due to inactivity we just waste hours and hours doing nothing, ultimately inducing the feeling of worthlessness in us. To get rid of inactivity Set Daily Goals. Plan the whole day by making a list of the activities you are going to do at different hours of the day. Try to accomplish the things on that list strictly as much as possible. (Keep your goals realistic & Plan with a purpose in your mind)

Tip: – Start with one or two habits at a time. Don’t try everything at once. Review your daily performance and reward yourself once in 2 weeks for achieving goals. (Reward can be as simple as ice cream or taking a day off)  

Tip# 5: – Live in the moment.

We are often affected by our past and anxious about the future. 90% of people are either consumed by the past or worried about the future. If you are in among those people let me ask you a few questions

Can you change the Past? &  Do you know what’s going to happen in The Future?

moment in the moment.

If your answer is ‘NO’ then one thing is crystal clear that you can neither change the past nor predict the future. The only thing which you can do is enjoy the present. We should understand that the thoughts of the past are irrelevant and worries of the future are unnecessary. Why waste energy and resources for the things which don’t get you anywhere.

Do one simple thing, “Let Go the past and welcome the future when it arrives”. Early Acceptance ​helps you to find a cure rather than the cause of your problem. So accept this truth and live in the moment.

Tip: – The effective way to live in the moment is being self-aware. Daily meditate for at least 10 min a day. Meditation increases your self-awareness and concentration.


So I hope you have finally understood that it’s not others who will help you to get over depression it’s you who have the power to transform your life. According to me, depression should be cured naturally as the use of anti-depressants for a long time is bad for health. Make most out of this article, schedule things, believe in yourself, set targets and achieve them

Here is the quick overlook of the steps you should follow, 

  • Distract from negativity. 
  • Spend more time with friends & family. 
  • Create your own happy hour. 
  • Adopt healthy habits. 
  • Live in the present. 

I suggest you to try these tips for a month and share your experience with us. If you have come across other Tips or effective ways we will be glad to know about them. Do share this article with others.


Can a person be cured of depression? 

The answer is YES, symptoms of depression can be alleviated with proper medication and you can overcome the depression with proper guidance.

Why you are depressed? 

Stress, ill health, negative mindset, and hormones are responsible for depression. Drinking too much alcohol or doing drugs may also lead to depression. 

How long does depression last?

On average depression lasts for 4 to 8 months, but with proper treatment and a positive attitude, it can be cured for less than 4 months. Some people recover within 2 to 3 months also. 

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