About Me

Who Am I ?

I’m a Blogger, YouTuber / Content Creator who’s trying to create New Perspective so that it could be less complicated for people like me [NORMAL].

Why I'm Doing This ?​

Just to clarify that there’s no perfect way to live your life. YES, there can be bad consequences for certain actions or for choices.

So we need to aware of what actually real and reel in this digital era.

My Story

It all started back when I was supposed to graduate from college.

In 2017, my result came & just before applying for the job I decided to do differently than what I get educated for the last 3 years. But it was not easy to take that 180-degree shift. so it took me 2 years to understand what I want & what my purpose is.

Thus the journey started,

And that’s how I started my website and sharing my thoughts & what’s in mind with the world hoping it’ll help someone somehow.