About Me

My Mission

Help others to explore their life beyond the boundaries set by the communities and create a map for their life’s journey.

My Vision

To create a better life which is stress free, incomparable and having a stable mind set leading to inner peace.

My Story

I’m a Blogger, YouTuber / Content Creator who’s trying to create New Perspective in the world so that it would be more beautiful.

It all started back when I was supposed to graduate from college.

In 2017, my result came & just before applying for the job I decided to do differently than what I get educated for the last 3 years. But it was not easy to take that 180-degree shift. so it took me 2 years to understand what I want & what my purpose is.

Thus the journey started,

And that’s how I started my website and sharing my thoughts & what’s in mind with the world hoping it’ll help someone somehow.