Affirmation Meaning & How To Create A Positive Affirmation

If you are confused what Affirmation really are? , You’re in right place.

A few days back I was reading about the great personalities of the world and their determination and consistency amazed me. Like nothing stopped them, every failure was turned into a lesson and they moved forward. I feel the reason behind their power was a phenomenal Positive attitude.

Affirmation Meaning & How To Create Affirmation

I wondered how someone can have such a phenomenal positive attitude to overcome every obstacle. During my journey to develop a positive attitude like that I came across something known as
“POSITIVE AFFIRMATION”. I would like to share what I have understood.

Now one question you have in your mind is,

Do affirmations work?

Yes, Affirmations do work because it has the ability to convince your mind about anything in a
positive way. I feel it’s based on Universal Law of Attraction Someone said That means we can make our dreams a reality by reprograming our minds with appropriate affirmations.

It won’t work in some cases,

Reasons why affirmation won’t work for you:-

Since childhood, every one of us is bombarded with negativity. This negativity gets embedded in our mind which ultimately hampers our present life.

  • When you have doubts (e.g. is it going to happen, I think it’s not gonna happen)
  • When you reinforce the wrong affirmation.
  • If you have extremely low self-esteem.
  • If you don’t have patience.
  • The time when you don’t believe affirmation that you write.

How does Affirmation work?

When you repeat a thought over and over with some faith, it takes deep root in your subconscious mind. Once a thought is infused in your subconscious mind, it starts to work according to that perceived thought and consequently produces results. This is because our mind cannot differentiate between reality and dreams. Hence whichever positive affirmation you repeat becomes part of your life.

How affirmations affect the subconscious mind?

Let me simplify Now imagine that our mind is like a big empty box. We stuff that box with our experience, thoughts, beliefs, desires, and memories throughout our life. In our minds, everything is organized just like a stack. Over a time few things are removed (forgotten), some are replaced with other things, some occupy more space than any other thing while some thoughts are deeply attached to that stack (Embedded in our subconscious).

Now whenever you encounter a situation, your mind goes through the stacks, whatever is in there determines how you will deal with that situation. So if
stacks are filled with positive thoughts somehow there will be a positive outcome.

Is it some kind of Magic trick? “NO”. If it was magic it would produce results in seconds but it takes a lot of experiment and patience. I feel there is a scientific reason behind the working of affirmation. There are certain Laws of the Universe. (I won’t go in detail right now I will write another article about it). These laws govern the working of affirmation

How affirmations affect the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind doesn’t have a filter. As I said earlier “Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and imaginary or positive and negative or right and wrong” that’s why we should careful about the thoughts we share with our minds.

For example, if you want to lose weight you cannot say things like “I’m not fat ” this will not encourage you, instead, it will make you feel bad because the subconscious mind will act on the word “fat “ and will ignore the word “not”.

Whatever is there in your subconscious mind is going to reflect in your life. Affirmation is one of the best ways to train our subconscious mind. Affirmations slowly replace your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

How to use affirmation?

Take affirmations, believe it, repeat it and while repeating try to visualize. Whenever you
come across a negative thought or a bad situation, use affirmation to overcome the situation.

Affirmations may be more effective when you pair them with other positive thinking and goal-setting techniques. Once you’ve set your goals, affirmations can help you to keep yourself motivated in order to achieve them. They will make you resilient.

If you want to make, long-lasting changes in your life then you must regularly repeat Positive
Affirmation. Repeating affirmation on a daily basis override negative thoughts with positive thoughts eventually heal your mind. If you put your 100% effort and belief in it, it works.


Today is a wonderful day

I am a powerful person.

I am in charge of my life.

Check out the list of positive affirmation,

3 Steps to create a positive affirmation.

Step#1 : Observe – Note – Evaluate

Observe each hour of your day. When you get up what are your thoughts? When you are late for your job or meeting what are your thoughts? Note your activity during that hour and what your thoughts were during that activity. Use an App or a notebook, and keep track of your thoughts. Do it for a week or at least 3-4 days.

Once you have a record for some days. Go through the record of each day. Check whether any specific habit or situation makes you feel insecure? What were the negative thoughts during the situation? Evaluate your reaction to negative situations like someone yelled at you or someone hurt you or broke your things?

Write it on a piece of paper. For me the common negative thoughts were

➔ I’m not capable of this.

➔ I’m not confident.

➔ People will make fun of me.

Now the question that’ll come to your mind is how does it help me? Rather it’ll make me feel bad. But trust me it will turn out to be great at the end. We are doing this because knowing more about
our enemy helps us to defeat it.

Step#2 : Discover & Transform

After writing all the negativity on the paper its time to transform it into positivity. But First, you should know what do you want to attract in your life. Determine what exactly you want? | Do you want to be happy? | Do you want to attract love? Once you know what you want you to know what you should focus on.

Now all these problems (negative thoughts) in front of you, write the Positive change you want to see instead of these negative thoughts. Transform these negative thoughts into positive ones. A simple way to do it is written the opposite of the negative thought but in an affirmative way. Keep your focus
on what you want, not on the things you don’t want.

For example, in my case low self-esteem and confidence was the major problem. So I wrote “I am confident and capable at what I do.”, “Day by Day I am expressing my views with confidence” And so on.

Few Tips While Transforming,

Remember the opposite of the negative belief is the thing that you want to make the center of your affirmation.

Exclude the word with any negation such as “can’t, won’t, don’t”. The more positive language better the affirmation. For example, to override the negative thought “I’m a loser” don’t write “I’m not a loser” instead write “I’m a winner” or “I’m the achiever”.

Write in the present tense. Because we want to change our present life. If you use a future form like “I will be stronger” Then that change will always be a part of the future.

Write in 1 st person form (i.e. I am)
Attach your emotions with Affirmations remember they are not just statements

Step#3 : Precise – Revise – Visualize

A statement that you’ll affirm should be precise, concise and crystal clear against the negative thought. By that I mean, if you want to solve your anger issue the affirmation should be “I’m calm & peaceful” not like “I’m happy” or “I don’t have anger issue”. Your Affirmation should target the problem/issue that you want to resolve.

Revise them daily. When you get up when you face a situation when you go to bed. Use every opportunity in your day to day life. While repeating them make sure you visualize that affirmation. For e.g., If you are repeating “My Life is wonderful and I am happy for it” Imagine yourself having fun, going on trips, having a party, enjoying your life to the fullest.

The last important thing is you should strike out those problems/negative thoughts written on that paper with a pen. Scribbling helps you to obliterate negative thoughts from your mind. I prefer burning that paper.

Benefits Of Affirmations

Affirmations can help you to perform better at work

➔ They can help you to overcome any challenge or self-sabotaging thoughts.

➔ Improve your Self-confidence, self-esteem.

➔ Control negative emotions such as frustration, anger, impatience, sadness.

➔ Improve your productivity.

➔ Overcome a bad habit.

➔ A new lookout to a situation.

➔ Overcome a bad habit.

➔ A new lookout to a situation.

➔ Self-affirmation also helps to mitigate the effects of stress.


Positive affirmation is a great tool for positive self-talk. They are capable of reversing negative messages and motivating ourselves. Whatever is the situation, whether you’re coping with depression,
or want to get yourself motivated, or just wanted to be optimistic, affirmations are the key for everything.

I will just revise the steps

  • Observe – Note – Evaluate
  • Discover & Transform
  • Precise – Revise – Visualize

I hope you understand how affirmation works and how to create your own. If you have some experiences regarding affirmation feel free to share. It might help our friends.

3 Steps to create a positive affirmation.


Can positive affirmations change a life?

Yes, for sure but I feel change is a collaborative effect of your consistency, willingness to improve and hunger for your goal. With affirmations, I am sure you can change any aspect of life

What is the best affirmation?

There is no best affirmation as such they depend on how you design them to either achieve something or resolving a specific problem in your life. Remember they are overriding negative thoughts with a positive one.

How many times should we repeat affirmations?

I feel 2 or 3 times a day is enough. According to my experience repeating when your mind is
most relaxed is more helpful than repeating 20 times a day.

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