Can You Achieve Balance In Life? & 5 Ways To Maintain It

Whenever I heard the word “Balanced Life”  I wondered how I can achieve balance in my life? Is it even possible or not? How does it feel to have balance life as everyone talking about now?

 I know too many questions but that’s how my mind is struggling to decide what is it really. So I decided to find &  maintain balance in my life.

Can You Achieve Balance In Life? & 5 Ways To Maintain It

These are the things or should I called secret formulas that I learned in the last two years. But first,

What Does Balancing Your Life Mean?

As we know the Balance means as per the dictionary,

a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

What Does Balancing Your Life Mean?

But when it comes to life, different elements represent various components of life just like physical, emotional, social, family & your work. Creating and maintaining harmony in all these parts of life is basically called balancing your life or a balanced life.

Keep this in mind,

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and ‘harmony. -Thomas Merton  

To me, allocating a sufficient amount of time to each aspect of my life without feeling exhausted or my heart & mind are being pulled too hard in any direction.  

And other big question most of us have or  rather I used to have,

Is Balance In Life Important?

Yes, not even in life but in everything that our world exists needs to have a balance in them. Life is like walking on a rope that hung in between two trees, a slight change in your posture and you are on the ground. So that’s mean you should maintain balance in order to stay on the rope.

It’s important to understand that no one can live our life for us means people will not think, breathe, feel, experience, express, or die for you. It’s up to us how we want to do it. Either we live one part and ignore other parts or maintain balance and enjoy each part of life with peace.

Having balance life is not just essential for health, happiness, mental peace & well being but also vital for increasing productivity, managing stress, and unleashing your true capability. 

Let me clear this out for you, 

Anything in excess is not good for you. 

I mean, too much work harms your personal aspect of life. In the same way, excess of alcohol will have an adverse effect on your health.

Reasons You’re Not Finding Balance In Life

Many of us trying to acquire balance and taking actions according to it but nothing works. That’s exactly what happened to me and here are the few reasons that were resisting me,

#1 You Are Focusing Too Much On One 

It sounds very weird but that’s the truth. Focus on something is good but when we focus in such a way that other thing gets neglected is bad. 

For instance,

If you focus on work all your time then you’re putting your health on risk and chances are high that your relationships will get ruined that’s why maintaining balance is necessary. 

Focusing Too Much On One

I know we live in a career-oriented society all our success is measured in how much money we make every month & what job we have but in all this chaos we often forget to ask ourself is that “is everything ok in my life?”, “am I happy with my life?”. What I got the answer when I asked myself?. yes, obvious “No” is the answer.

So I think you got my point is that Just manage everything you have in your life evenly by paying attention to all aspects of your life equally.

#2 Don’t Want To Understand The Meaning Of A Balanced Life

If you have been wanting to have a balanced life but never try to figure out what it really looks like. Living life you desired is possible only when you understand what actually it means.

confused mind

Everyone has thier own definition of balance and it’s our responsibility to explore what balance means to us. The main factor which is responsible for you not knowing what you starving in life is you never observe your thoughts and imagine what would your life looks if all your thoughts came to reality.

Here is the answer,  just listen to your heart & mind what they feel about how should you want your life to be like.

#3 Not Changing The Mindset

But first, you know what is mindset means?

A mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people.


Sometimes we have assumptions or beliefs that are stopping us from becoming who we wanted to be in the future. It sounds ironic but its truth, We want to have one thing but always think about others. 

The mind is everything, what we think we become.   -Buddha

The biggest mistake we make is we think we know what a balanced life means to us but we don’t.   The best way to find out is, write down all your thoughts, assumptions or beliefs on paper & then ask yourself “what if all these things become true ?”. You will get your answer.

5 Ways To Maintain Life Balance

#1 Slow Down A Bit

To match the increasing competition we are now just running behind the goal which not even set by us. It sounds foolish but everyone is doing it. This is a by-product of doing without not knowing why we are doing it.

There is more to life than increasing its speed.   -Mahatma Gandhi

We are doing whatever it takes to be successful but often forget that on the path of being successful we lose things that truly give the feeling of contentment. 

Happiness does not come from the destination you reached after lots of effort but come when you enjoy the struggles you do to get there.

So slow down a bit and enjoy every ups & down which are the part of the journey.

#2 Make Time For Yourself

If you notice we are so busy that we need a calendar to remember what we are doing today or tomorrow. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use calendars but you observe one thing that our schedule does not have and that is “ME TIME”.

Making time for you is seemingly the hardest thing to do for the typical overburdened person like me, but it is essential for reducing stress, enhancing happiness and boosting creativity.

Make Time For Yourself

You wondered what I did? I just quit being busy

Here are a few steps I take when I’m exhausted & you should give it a try:-

➔ Ask yourself “Am I need a break?”

➔ Make the list of all the things you want to do or things that make you feel lighter. 

➔ Check out your schedule if it has spare time. If yes then plan it during the week.

 You should take a break from a rat race & explore yourself. Meaning enjoys your holiday and time that you get when you not working without doubting your actions not helping your future.  Relax to get better.

#3 Prioritize Your Choices

Balancing your life is isn’t about doing things as much as you can in your day. It is more about finding & arrange what will provide more value to you. 

Prioritize Your Choices

Prioritizing means refining things based on how much benefits you’ll get from it in comparison to how much energy & time you investing in it. 

What exactly I mean by that?

Is it buying fancy & expensive clothes is important than saving for an emergency fund? Is it important to be in the office while the family party is at your place?. Just think what makes more sense to you doing a first thing or second.

Prioritize clears up your vision and make it possible to achieve balance.

#4 Be Disciplined & Healthy

When it comes to health we often ignore it thinking its not make much of difference to anything. 

But you know what? 

Health is the foundation of everything you do in life. You probably heard about the domino effect, in which if the first domino collapsed the whole chain will get a drop. The same role our health plays in our success chain if you get sick all your efforts are wasted.

In order to transform your life into its healthier version, you must need to change your habits. But what you need to change your habits?. Discipline is the answer to the question. 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.    – Jim Rohn

Being disciplined means doing a set of activities consistently until it’s not converted into a habit. That’s what makes you able to balance work and personal life efficiently.

#5 Focus On Relationships

Are you struggling with your relationship?  There might be a chance that your partner cheating on you?. If these are questions rising in your mind.

Then you need to understand. This is an indication that you lacking somewhere my friend.


A relationship is like a balancing glass bottle on the edge of the table. A slight disproportion and the chances are high that you’ll break the bottle.

Focus On Relationships

So focus more on the relation that you admire most. Don’t just assume that everything you see in relation is fine. Sometimes tension built-in relationships gradually & that results in the form of a breakup.

Be with the people that care about you, give them the love & attention that they deserve. I’m not suggesting you to spend more money or surprise with a luxurious gift just appreciating thier efforts by saying “THANK YOU” is more than enough.


It’s a simple & straight answer to the question that all of us have “can you achieve balance in my life?”. It’s up to us if we want to balance our life or not. 

If we believe that we can do this by understanding the true meaning of balance. I think there are 3 stages to acquire balance.

  1. What          (Just find what is balance means to you.)
  2. Why not     (explore what resist you from it. )
  3. How            (try to improve yourself by changing habits, beliefs & mindset )

Hope you understand what I am trying to convey through this article. If you have some extra tips and advice or your story please comment down below.

5 Ways To Maintain Life Balance

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